Flower Hair Clips And Other Flower Accessories

Published: 29th April 2010
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The different style of flowers mentioned above can also be made into other kinds of cute accessories. The flowers could be attached to a pin to make a pretty corsage. They can also be glued or sewn to a comb. They look cute when added to a purse or handbag. The possibilities don't end with flower hair clips, there are many potential uses for this kind of project.

An often overlooked, yet fantastic accessory, is flower hair clips. They add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, formal and casual alike.

Flower hair clips can be made out of several kinds of materials. Fabrics, like tulle, chiffon, and felt are good options. Existing silk flowers, ribbons, or beads are also materials that could be used. The shape of the flower is created and then attached to a hair clip.

The easiest flower clip to make by yourself is made out of a simple silk flower. The first thing that needs to be done is to snip the base of the flower from the stem. The best tool for this is a pair of wire cutters. Plug in a hot glue gun and attach the flower to a clip, and then you can go wild by embellishing the flower hair clips with crystals, rhinestones, and sequins.

Any kind of bead can be used to make beautiful beaded flowers. Simply string the beads on wire - 24 to 26 gauge wire works best - and bend to form the shape of a petal. Once all of the petals are complete, add small seed beads to form a cluster or use a larger bead to set in the center of the flower. Wrap the wire to the back and secure. Then, glue or sew your beaded flower to a hair clip.

Felt flowers require a little more of a time investment, but the result is worth it. A couple of 9x9 pieces of one color of felt is needed, along with an additional contrasting piece. Thread that matches the felt, a sewing needle, and scissors will be needed as well. Cut the petals to match the shape of any flower, then layer and sew them together. Make a centerpiece out of the contrasting fabric and sew it on top. Finally, the finished flower is glued or sewn to any type of clip or hair pin.

Fabric and ribbon can be used in many ways to make all different kinds of flowers like flower hair clips. Lengthy strips are gathered and pulled or rolled to create rosettes. If left flat, they can be looped around to mimic the shape of a daisy. The shape of a flower can be created by cutting out the shape of any kind of flower in different sizes, and placing them on top of each other. Leaving the edges raw will cause the fabric to fray for a funky look, or finish them for a smoother look. Sew a button in the center and attach the back to a clip to finish.

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